Who we are

Interdisciplinary Initiation

The merger of architecture, construction, and interior design was our landmark from the date we start. In 1978, our leadership of architects and engineers formed Digital Architecture under the name of Arab Architecture.

Over the decades, Digital Architecture company has grown to include a collective of engineers, architects, contractors, designers, supervisors, and more, who are working to design better buildings for a better future. This synthesis of diverse team generates remarkable buildings and designs that couldn’t born from an individual.

Landmark Presence

A full-service architecture firm presents digital architecture, real estate development, engineering consultancy, interior designs, and contracting with a presence in many countries, including Turkey, Jordan, England, Australia, Saudi Arabia, GCC countries, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, and so many more.

From the Solar City and Economic town in Jordan that redefine the economics of the city, to Mecca Mall, which opening a gateway to the city mall with hotel, residences, and mosque, to Burj Alotaibiah, which express the classic style to the neighborhood, to Angola’s ambassador villa that reflect the simplicity of Nigerian nation.

Technology Horizons

In volatile accelerating digitalization, we named our company “Digital Architecture” in 2014, and turned the name concept to reality to simulate the language of our era, unlocking the world with our digital architecture solutions, harnessing the power of digital technology and innovation, and , turning the graphs and coding into graphics that move to tangible architecture.

Here at Digital Architecture, our work relies on deep knowledge of the innovated digital techniques, using computer aided designs of 3D modeling and counts on the cross-disciplinary team, including technologists, design leaders, and master architects.


Digital Architecture delivers tailored solutions and transformative outcomes that reshape the community and the whole world as well as connect our technical experts and visionaries around the world. We create a Healthy Architecture Environment that has a little impact on the planet and a lasting impact on cities. With our 40 years of experience, we got the ability to know the proactive future needs. our proactive approach utilizes computer-aided design and programming to create architecture that meets today’s requirements and tomorrow’s growth.


Considering the world full of digitalization, digital technology is an integral part from Architecture. We strive to take digital architecture concept in every path of our work, creating extraordinary geometries that restyle the future of the world. Digital Group seeks to design and plan under advanced digital strategies and techniques within a limited time to achieve your architecture dream into tangible reality.

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We’re always waiting a sign to start a remarkable Architecture for stunning buildings for an exceptional future.

    Our location

    Başak, Giyim Koop. Sanayi Sitesi Ziya Gökalp Osb, Atatürk Blv. No:25, kat:3, D: 309. İkitelli Osb/Başakşehir/İstanbul